Specially Cultivated Rice "Shou no Yume"

Loved soil, lots of care


Shou in Yamaga Kumamoto pref. has maintained rice farming steadily.

The land is rich in minerals thanks to a clear stream from Yahogatake valley.

We crop our rice in natural and sale way using powdered fossil coral and planting red clovers.

Specially cultivated rice "Shou no Yume" is favored for its firmness and deliciousness you can taste cold. 

There is a reason why Shou has been a rich farming land since early times.

Clear water and minerals

Kamiuchida river and Kino river have the same headspring of Yahogatake mountain which has much of granite.

The minerals provide nutrients to the soil so that we crop strong and delicious rice.

Also the wide spread land of sunshine is a gift of nature.

Fossil coral for soil

We sprinkle powered fossil coral which is from Yonaguni island.

They say it was appeared by a crustal change about one hundred thousand years ago, and it contains calcium and more than 70 kinds of minerals.

We can grow plump rice with the sufficient minerals.


Clover farming

We plant crimson clover after harvesting rice.

The roots absorb nitrogen then root nodule bacteria turns it to nutrients. 

When the flowers are fully blossomed we crop them and combine with soil.

The deliciousness of "Shou no Yume" is enhanced by nature powers.