English Subtitles

Agricultural Producers' Corporative Corporation " Shou  no Yume" 

We have dreams.

To keep up our ideal rice agriculture to the future.

The carpet of red flowers gathers nutrients for rich soil.

The fossil coral from Yonaguni island which has more than 70 minerals helps to grow strong rice stalk.

The specially cultivated rice " Shou no Yume" is grown in a nutrient soil by an ancient Japanese way of farming.

The resilient rice grain and the deliciousness you can taste even when it's cold are gifts from nature.

Rich land at the foot of mountain, Clear water from the headspring of Yatani valley, 

Sunshine on the wide spread land of Shou.

The nature seems like common but it's so precious and essential.

We work on a safe farming to maintain our precious nature and pursue deliciousness so that

our rice would be loved and support everyone's food life.

Agricultural producers' corporation "Shou no Yume"

 We cultivate rice "Shou no Yume" in about 70 acre of farmland using less fertilizer and less agrichemicals. We grow red clovers before planting rice and sprinkle powdered fossil coral as the nutrient of soil.

We hope our safe and delicious rice support everyone's food life to the future.


Agricultural producers' corporation "Shou no Yume" was formed in 2013 as a first corporation according to Kumamoto agricultural amassment plan.

"Mori no Kumasan" which took the first prize in Japan rice deliciousness contest in 2012 is also our product.